Welcome To My Web Page!

Hello! My name is Allyn Haynes. I am from Decatur, Ga. I am a fourth year Journalism major with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. Some of my favorite things is fashion and music. I have always had a love for fashion since a young girl and I have a deep love for music. I would say in my spare time you can find me shopping or listneing to music!


After completing this project, I can successfully create a basic HTML webpage with different decorative elects. Even if I don't know how to do the exact style by memory, a quick google search will help me out, but understanding the difference between HTML and CSS was key in the assignment. I found myself lacking vocabulary basics as I found myself confused often between the id and class elements. The inclusion of forms into my webpage was simple due to free code camp and W3docs. I found myself having the most trouble importing my google fonts until I realized the goes into the HTML instead of the CSS code. I would like to work on making the page more interactive, as far as using links that change or creating buttons. I attempted a few times but wasn’t successful and ended up scrapping the idea.