Hello, world!


screenshoot of my commerce site

I was very surprised by the complexieties of Wordpress. Going into this I thought it was going to be like editing a Wix site, which I have done before. I think Wordpress is a good tool if you want to create a very simple website. I feel like it is very plain compared to even some of the things student shave made for previous projects.

It took a while to get the hang of Wordpress. The making of the commerce site was fairly straight forward. Ater following the directions, it was simple to create products and its categories. Editing the overall theme

News Site

screenshoot of my news site

The making of the newsite proved much more difficult than the shop. Throughout the creation of this site, I feel Wordpress made its process more difficult than needed. The creatoin of posts was easy. But posts to show up on the page was a hidden feature I wouldnt have figured out without outside help.

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