Hello, world!

Panel One

screenshoot of my panel 1

When completing panel one, the understanding of 'divs' was important for the different compenents I wanted to incorporate into my project. Getbootstrap.com made it easy to design your website but the design is much flatter compared to my other panels. Everything is very stagnant and plain. I struggled with understanding the column aspects when trying to put my two badges side by side. In the end it came out successful and helped in the other two parts.

Panel Two

screenshoot of my panel 2

I can see hte benefits of using premade bootstrap themes. It is much like other web design sites where you pick and theme and copy and paste your information. Though quick and easy,it is limiting in that you stuck with the exact theme you pick.

Panel Three

screenshoot of my panel 3

I enjoyed completing panel three as it required a lot of trouble shooting. When completing this panel, I used the inspect element you identify which container I needed to edit. That made it much easier to customize the page. I am very proud of my fluid carousel element. A problem I ran into frequently was that to customize you must include a specific class unlike adding code to your style sheet.